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Sports Boats: SMS goes online

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Sports Boats: SMS goes online

The 2013-14 SMS Year kicks off from October 1 and from this week it is now as simple as going on line to the new Yacht Racing Services Association web site here to organise your SMS revalidation.

Revalidating your SMS (no changes to current measurements) is as simple as clicking on the Reval Button and entering your details – here. You will then get an email back from YRSA with a link to make the payment.

This page also has the complete list of processing fees for the coming SMS Year.

* PLEASE NOTE: A 20% fee reduction to $52.00 will apply to the price for all re-validations with no changes that are received using the website prior to February 1st 2014.

The web site also has the full list of current SMS’s as well as the 13-14 Yearbook. The Yearbook contains any changes in the way things are to be measured in the coming year – mainly clarification around sail measurements.

This, along with the Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS), are the bible for measurers of SMS and are also helpful for your sailmaker – they can see what is measured and how.

Your measurer will now be able to upload the input form, receive a draft Certificate for checking and then have your boat’s Certificate issued and updated on the web site faster than ever.

This of course does not mean you leave it to the last minute to get your SMS sorted. This is especially the case for the QLD Titles in early October. The ASBA Constitution requires you to have your SMS finalised no later than seven days before the event and with racing due to start five days into the new SMS year, September is the time to get your SMS Revalidation into the new system. It is also cheaper than ever to get it done now.

For any changes and new boats, you still need to contact a measurer in your area and have the measurements processed. If you’re not sure on who is your local measurer, you can contact Yacht Racing Services via their web site or drop ASBA a line.

Get on line and have a wander around the new web site – all the information is at your finger tips.

Get organised and come for a sail.

By Darren Spence