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Dubai Muscat Race: the fleet are ready to go

2013 course map for the Dubai to Muscat Ocean Race

2013 course map for the Dubai to Muscat Ocean Race

On November 2nd 2013 GCC and international sailing crews will be raising anchor and setting sail from Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, Dubai, UAE, on a course for the finish line at Muscat, Oman and the Jebel Sifah Marina.

Teams have just 5 days to complete the 380 mile journey, racing 24 hours day and night, making the Dubai to Muscat race the regions ultimate endurance sailing challenge in uncertain weather conditions.

“The race is an important event for the regional sailing community,” said David Worrall, Rear Commodore, Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) “after 22 years the event has become well established and is known for bringing together passionate sailors of all nationalities, ages and skill levels.”

To participate in the race sailboats enter either the IRC or Club Class depending on the experience level of the crew and the quality of racing they want to pursue. All sailors in the region are welcomed and encouraged to participate and test their skill by sailing alongside the UAE’s top racing teams.

The crews will be all hands on deck in order to steal the crowns from last year’s winners, Shahrazad in the IRC division and Yours Truly in the Club Class. Both teams will again be competing and looking to retain their titles!

Those not lucky enough to be out on the water during the event can stay up to date with team positions using the online Race Tracker. Yachts will be tracked and progress monitored in real time at www.xtra-track.com/dubaimuscatrace2013.

The winning teams will be the fastest boats in each division based on ‘corrected’ time, using the handicap numbers assigned by the race organizers as well as the boat that crosses the finish line first at Muscat.

The Organising Authority for the 2013 Dubai to Muscat Race is The United Arab Emirates Sailing and Rowing Federation (UAE SARF) in association with the Ministry of Sports Affairs, the Sultanate of Oman and in partnership with the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, Royal Ocean Racing Club and Jebel Sifah Resort Oman.

For more event information, go here.

By Aimee Robson

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