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Finn Nationals: young and old mixed into strong fleet number

Racing in the 2014 Finn class Australian Championship, conducted by Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, starts tomorrow.

The entry line up is good with 20 sailors contesting the 12-race national titles.

In among this group are Australian Sailing Squad member Jack Lilley and Australian Etchells Australian Association President Jake Gunther.

It’s 10 years ago that Gunther etched his name on the national title trophy at the same venue.

Since he competed in the Etchells nationals in November last year  he hasn’t done any racing and he is itching to get back on the race course. “I need to go sailing. What preparation have I done ? Huge amount. None,” he joked. “I am sure I will have my moments. I am very, very fit and I have done 25 years of Finn sailing so I don’t know that going out a couple of times during the week is going to help me that much at the moment.  The biggest issue is that I am way, way too light for the boat right now. So I am just going to have fun.”

Entry list as at 8 January 2013

Rob Mcmillan, NSW
Joe McMillan, NSW
Jake Lilley, QLD
Nic Kennedy, NSW
James Ley, New South Wales
Darren Gilbert, QLD
Rod Tanks, NSW
Petter Fjeld, Norway
Mick Patrick, QLD
John Warlow, Queensland
James Gough, NSW
Aaron Heritage, South Australia
Matt Visser, NSW
Jay Harrison, NSW
Adam Schoene, NSW
Ian McKillop, NSW
Shaun Wells, NSW
John Condie, NSW
Jake Gunther, VIC
Dirk Seret, SA

For more information on the regatta, go here.

By Sail-News