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Cape2Rio: all is well on Jon Sanders’ Perie Banou

Cape 2 Rio 2013 logoAustralian entry, Jon Sanders’ Perie Banou II
Cape2Rio Race

16:00H GMT 13th January 2014
1,401 nm covered by 12:00H GMT
Noon-noon: 146 nm
Average per day: 156 nm
South Atlantic Ocean
Abyssal Plain
Water depth: 5,000 metres
Latitude: 22 deg 59 mins S
Longitude: 004 deg 21 mins W
Course 285 deg true
SOG 3.0 knots
Wind: 7 knots from SE (Trade)
Cloud cover: 7/8
Barometer: 1,019
Following seas, quiet

Avoiding the South Atlantic High is a focus for PBII. This high is a feature of the weather patterns in the South Atlantic. It, and possibly westerly air flow, lies in the the path of a great circle route between Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro. Hence our track to the NW from Cape Town to seek out the Trade winds. Only time and the finish line will tell whether or not we have made good tactical decisions in this regard.

As I write the wind has abated and the seas are fairly calm. Hmmm… The water remains “inky blue”; “inky Atlantic blue”!

In case you are interested here is some factual information on the yacht…

“Perie Banou Rolly Tasker” (PBII) is a Sparkman & Stephens 39 masthead sloop. She was built in 1971 by Doug Brooker Shipping, Sydney, for the “World One Ton Cup”. Named “Pilgrim” she came second to a sister yacht (only two boats built from the mould) in the 1971 “World One Ton Cup” held in Sydney.

The yacht has a solid fibreglass hull with a 20mm thick wood laminate and fibreglass sheathed deck. The hull was strengthened at the time of manufacture with fibreglass stringers throughout. She weighs 9 tonnes.

The yacht was bought by Jon Sanders in 1988. He admired the lines and build-quality of this particular craft.

Jon set up the yacht to meet his racing and cruising requirements. Changes made included the following:

1) Rigging: The diameter of all standing rigging increased from standard.
2) Reduced the size of head sails and spinnakers for long range sailing; both for racing and cruising.
3) Cloth weight for the full range of sails increased from standard. The sails for racing and cruising are sponsored by Mrs Kerry Tasker of Rolly Tasker Sails, Australia – sails manufactured in Thailand.

These changes to the yacht have resulted in an IRC rating of 0.916 and a yacht well suited to long distance sailing.

Jon is currently undertaking his ninth circumnavigation of the planet.

He has sailed this particular yacht twice around the planet. This current Atlantic crossing is part of his third circumnavigation in Perie Banou Rolly Tasker. This yacht has visited the Royal Cape Yacht Club four times with Jon at the helm. This will be this yachts second time into Rio de Janeiro with Jon at the helm.

The crew aboard Perie Banou Rolly Tasker includes Lance Rock (Mandurah Yacht Club, former Commodore), Gareth Owen-Conway (Fremantle Sailing Club) and Robin Morritt (Royal Perth Yacht Club). This crew came together in Cape Town for the first time for this race. Each of the crew have sailed extensively with Jon on this yacht.

Jon is a member of the following yacht clubs:

Royal Perth Yacht Club;
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club;
Fremantle Sailing Club; and the
Short-handed Sailing Association of NSW.

All well on PBII.

Until next time…

For race handicap update, go here.

By Robin Morritt, Perie Banou II

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