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Cape2Rio: Perie Banou on day 13 at sea and looking for more wind

West Australian Jon Sanders and his three-man crew are competing in the 3,300 mile Cape Town to Rio Race.

They currently have 1,980 miles to go to the finish. This is the report from their 13th day at sea.

1,730 nm covered by 12:00H GMT
1,919 nm to Rio de Janeiro
Noon-noon: 104 nm
Average per day: 144 nm
Sails: main / jib / spinnaker
South Atlantic Ocean
Abyssal Plain
Water depth: 3,600 metres
Latitude: 20 deg 29 mins S
Longitude: 009 deg 55 mins W
Course 270 deg true
SOG 5.0 knots
VMG 5.0 knots
Wind: 10 knots from SE (Trade)
Cloud cover: 3/8
Barometer: 1,016
Seas: Following, quiet

PBII continues to skirt the South Atlantic High Pressure system and remains in an area of very light and flukey Trade winds. This makes for champagne cruising but frustrating racing!

On watch last night the seas were flat with barely a ripple on the surface. Under a clear patch of sky the moonlight and reflections on the water were quite beautiful. An extraordinarily peaceful place to be…

That was until an incandescent light appeared off the starboard quarter and got my immediate attention. The light resolved into two bright white lights, one over the other… A ship headed towards PBII, the BBC Aquamarine, a cargo vessel (505 ft long with a 20 ft draft) headed for Dar es Salam. It crossed 5 nm off to starboard at 21:45H.

No birds to report. There was however a bust of flying-fish activity this morning.

Yesterday, I mentioned my favourite S&S 34′s. I missed one that most-certainly deserved mention. There are three yachts named “Perie Banou”; the original sailed by Jon in a solo, double circumnavigation of the planet ( the one residing in A Shed, Fremantle); PBII (currently sailing her to Rio) and PBIII. PBIII is the very first S&S 34 I saw “up close and personal” some years ago. She was on the hardstand at RPYC with Colin Sanders undertaking routine pre-season maintenance. “Col” Sanders is Jon’s younger brother and as Jon puts it “he is the quiet backstop” for Jon’s sailing exploits.

All well on PBII.

Until next time…

For all race information, go here.

By Robin Morritt, Perie Banou II

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