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Singapore Straits Regatta: fleet head back to Singapore

Skipper Collin Lim (centre) & Crew of Shengli. (Credit Singapore Straits Regatta 2014)

Skipper Collin Lim (centre) & Crew of Shengli. (Credit Singapore Straits Regatta 2014)


The 20th Singapore Straits Regatta fleet left Nongsa for Singapore on the final leg of this two-country race.

The first boat reached Singapore 1 hour, 23 minutes later.

Same Race, Different Points of View

Over the past two days, conditions off Nongsa Point, Indonesia for the 20th Singapore Straits Regatta have been rough with large swells and high winds. Today’s race was no different. At times, swells ran as high as two meters with gusts of wind reaching 20 knots. Race Director Huzaini Ibrahim, reported there were no incidents and that, “High seas aside, everyone seemed to have a good time sailing back to the Republic.”

Still there were many different views about the passage back and a lot depended upon the skipper you talked to. To some, it was “fantastic” while others reported that it was “very challenging.” Most that jumped off their boats at the ONE°15 Marina dock looked tanned, tired and, yes, even a bit (and rightly) proud of their sailing achievements this afternoon.

Simon Piff, owner of Rekering Dream said, “Our guys needed to get used to the conditions, and once we were, it was great fun and everyone really enjoyed the races.” The 50-year-old Englishman also declared that, “The race back to Singapore was fantastic, exhilarating and great fun for all of us!” Previously, Piff’s boat suffered a torn headsail in the first race off Nongsa Point and still went on to have the best-uncorrected time for that race using only the Rekering Dream’s mainsail. “We managed to fix that tear,” he said with a big grin.

When asked about the return race to Singapore, Collin Lim, 22, Skipper of Shengli had a different opinion, “There were very, very challenging conditions with huge swells and strong winds. Lim, who has been sailing for 11 years felt that, “We did well considering we’re a J24 and raced against with the big boats. Still my team mates and I had a great time.”

Wave Surfing

Another youthful contender that took part in the return to Singapore was 22-year-old Samantha Chua, Skipper of SMUmad. She reported that,”the winds and waves were great!” Adding that the large swells gave them “a chance to surf on the waves.

” There was a bit of a scare when the”surfing”sailboatfinally reached Singapore though: “The hull took on about 60 buckets of water.” When asked if the boat slowed down or acted sluggish in any way Chua replied, “We had no idea the water was there.” As to how the water entered the hull, the suntanned Skipper said with a beaming smile and a laugh, “I think we might have sprung a leak !” Even with all the extra weight and sloshing water below, Samantha was happy to report thatSMUmad, “managed to do at least 10 knots and it was thrilling!”

Tomorrow will see the final races, and later in the evening the dinner, awards and closing ceremony of the 20th Singapore Straits Regatta.

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By Nicolette Goh

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