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Cape2Rio: Scarlet Runner’s Rob Date shares the highs and lows of his race

Scarlet Runner’s Rob Date gives his immediate post-race impressions on the South Atlantic race.

Cape2Rio: Perie Banou skirting South Atlantic high

Only dinner is a formal affair on board Perie Banou II, otherwise it’s every man for himself.

Cape2Rio: Scarlet Runner shares the highs and lows of their journey

After losing use of the satellite phone early in the race, Scarlet Runner finally get to share their race Blog.

Cape2Rio: Perie Banou’s Jon Sanders talks rough weather

Perie Banou’s Jon Sanders tells his story, in usual understated manner, of the early race storm.

Cape2Rio: two weeks at sea for West Australia’s Perie Banou

Perie Banou continues to the fight Trade winds as they reach the milestone of two weeks at sea..

Cape2Rio: Australia’s Scarlet Runner has finished

Melbourne’s Scarlet Runner has finally finished the 3,300 Cape Town to Rio Race.

Cape2Rio: Scarlet Runner is slowly approaching the finish line

Scarlet Runner is just so close to the finish they will be able to smell the shore of Rio.

Cape2Rio: Perie Banou on day 13 at sea and looking for more wind

PBII continues to skirt the South Atlantic High Pressure system and remains in very light and flukey trade winds.

Cape2Rio: slowly, slowly for Scarlet Runner’s approach to Rio

The first boat is in while Scarlet Runner crawls silently across the South Atlantic to Rio.

Cape2Rio: Perie Banou II race update on day 12 at sea

There is no serious interest in fishing, yet, however this could change quickly if they can’t find some wind.