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Cape2Rio: Australian Jon Sanders moved up to overall leader

Maserati is hot favourite to take line honours and set a new race record while little Perie Banou is holding overall honours.

Cape2Rio: Maserati reports damages have slowed them down, briefly

Maserati reports damage during the night, but they are still powering along towards Rio.

Cape2Rio: Maserati continues their gallop to Rio

Maserati continues her gallop across the South Atlantic well out in front of the rest of the fleet.

Cape2Rio: day four and time to dry out

Explora’s navigator Ken Venn recaps on the team’s progress so far in the 2014 Cape 2 Rio race.

Cape2Rio: latest video from the speed machine

Check out the latest from the Volvo 70, Maserati as they speed across the South Atlantic Ocean.

Cape2Rio: Scarlet Runner continues division lead

Australia’s Scarlet Runner continues to lead Class 1 in the 3,300 mile Cape Town to Rio Race.

Cape2Rio: Maserati heads for trade winds

Maserati continues to lead the fleet as she heads for trade winds.

Cape2Rio: day two race update

The majority of the fleet were still suffering rough sea conditions last night with poor visibility and a lot of rain.

Cape2Rio: Maserati report, into the storm

The leading Maserati team reflect on the boats in trouble and whether the race should have been started.

Cape2Rio: damage and drama for race leader

First night damage across many boats including the race leader.